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Segway rides

If you want to try something new and exciting, we invite you to check out the Segway. It will surely become a fun and memorable experience. You can rent two off-road Segways x2. We recommend you either take a short, 15-minute ride around the English-style park or a longer, 1-hour trip to see the llamas in Bernartice or to visit the neighbouring country chateau in Jindřichovice. For further information, contact the reception. Segways are available daily (unless they are booked for another event). Check out the photos from fun rides and corporate events.

What is the Segway?

The Segway is a two-wheeled self-balancing electric battery-powered human transporter. It is a unique hi-tech device that is incredibly simple to use. To move forward or backward the rider just leans slightly forward or backward. To turn right or left, the rider simply turns the frame to the right or left. There is no brake or gas pedal to control the machine – it is all controlled by shifting your body weight. It feels very natural and instictive.
Segway X2

The basic technical specifications of the Segway off-road model x2

• maximum speed 20 km/h
• range up to 20-25 km on a single battery charge
• max weight 117 kg
• weight of the machine incl. battery 54.3 kg
• battery 2 pc Li-ion 73,6 V
• re-charging time 6-8 hours

If you want to find out more about the Segway, go to

What you can and cannot do with the Segway

With the Segway x2, you can navigate any terrain and enjoy a smooth and silent ride. You can also commute to work up to 10 km away. The Segway can be transported in the boot of the car wherever you like. It can take you over any terrain, be it paved or unpaved road, dirty path or grassy meadow.

The Segway, however, cannot take you up the stairs, over ice or other extremely slippery surfaces. The Segway can only transport one person. The Segway is a smart machine but it is entirely controlled by the rider so it does not avoid obstacles by itself.

The HolidayPark Mlázovy Rental Rates

There are two off-road Segways x2 available

A supervised ride on property

70 CZK / 5 mins

An independent ride in the on-property park or in the surrounding area (instruction training and helmets included). The total price is based on the duration of the ride. We charge every 15 minutes till the machine has been returned.

200 CZK / 15 mins. (on-property park)
400 CZK / 30 mins. (on-property park)
800 CZK/ 60 mins. (on-property park or in the surroundings)